Is Oh Yuk Available in Canada?


Can I Find Oh Yuk in a Store Near Me?

Yes. Oh Yuk can be found on www.amazon.ca, but is not currently on any store shelves in Canada. 

Not quite yet. We are working with a few stores across the nation, and we hope to have Oh Yuk on the shelves in the near future. 




​What is Biofilm?

I've used Oh Yuk a Couple Times and My Jets Won't Come Totally Clean.

A biofilm is a complex group of microorganisms that forms a protective "slime" layer on wet surfaces. They can often harbor many different types of bacteria, mold, viruses, and other contaminants.  Biofilms form in jetted bathtubs due to the leftover, warm, stagnant water in the plumbing lines which allows them to grow and thrive. Biofilms are naturally resistant to bleach, detergents, vinegar, and other common cleaning products. 

There is a small percentage of tubs that have contaminants that are simply more stubborn than the rest. For this, we reccomend following these steps: 1.) Fill the tub over the jets with hot water. 2.) Add four ounces of Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner. 3.) Run the jets for 30 minutes. 4.) Turn off the jets, but do not drain the tub. 5.) Let the tub soak overnight. 6.) The next day, add 4 more ounces of Oh Yuk Jetted Tub Cleaner. 7.) Run the jets for 30 minutes. 8.) Drain the tub. 9.) Clean the scum ring with an all-purpose cleaner.